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We are a boutique agency who develops and implements effective marketing strategies by defining a brands story and telling that story through content-rich creative elements.

The Green Apple Approach

Our process begins with a strategy session to reveal your company goals, and marketing dreams. We bring together the client’s management and marketing team and walk through a series of questions to not only form the brand story, but also to determine which marketing elements are appropriate for their ideal end result.
We then develop a marketing plan that outlines the platforms that we feel will enable you to reach your marketing goals and target audiences. Marketing tactics include both inbound and outbound marketing efforts. As part of the planning stage, budgets are developed and the content and creative concepts for all tactics are developed and approved.
Here’s where we turn words into visuals. Our creative team gets to work on the design elements of the plan that will include SEO-friendly, content and visually rich websites, email marketing campaigns, strategic blog and content management, social media marketing, video, photography, event planning and implementation, media relations and printed marketing items, as well as print and online advertising.
Now it’s time for the world to see your rebranded marketing approach. We will activate your plan by launching all creative elements into the marketplace and will begin all content marketing efforts. We will manage your market presence fully under a retainer model, becoming a member of your marketing team.
After we launch all marketing items we flow into monitoring, maintenance and growth mode. In order to grow, we need to monitor what is working, and watch how well we are engaging your audience. We will review all content marketing efforts, advertising and traditional marketing efforts and will provide you with analytics reports ranging from Google Analytics, to Twitter reports, Facebook, and also email marketing engagement reports.

The Green Apple Orchard

Green Apple serves as the creative and project director for all tactical items outlined in client marketing plans. The Orchard is comprised of print designers, photographers, videographers, and website design and development firms.

"Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will land in the stars. False, the nearest star is 93 million miles from the moon. But Green Apple will help you try to land on the moon."

Ashley Drinnon, Marketing Director of The Gardner School

Dwight Schrute

Dunder Mifflin Paper Company

"I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly. Oh wait, I am supposed to be talking about Green Apple. Hire them! That Pyle chick is glorious."

Ashley Drinnon, Marketing Director of The Gardner School

Ron Burgundy, Anchorman

KVWN Channel 4 News Team

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